Tuesday 17 September 2019


Opening ceremony – Introduction & welcomes

Background from ITS Bordeaux 2015, input to COP21, climate change as high priority policy objective, guiding programmes towards decarbonisation
French Ministry of Transport : France Mobility programme & how ITS4Climate fits with national priorities; strategy towards COP 25, COP 26 etc.
Région Nouvelle-Aquitaine : regional policy for climate; commitment via Below2 Coalition; specific measures for transport and mobility decarbonisation
Bordeaux Métropole : strategies and programmes for ITS and for CO2 reduction

President, Région Nouvelle-Aquitaine
Élisabeth BORNE, Ministre auprès du ministre d’État, ministre de la Transition écologique et solidaire, chargée des Transports, French Ministry
Michel LABARDINElected member, Bordeaux Métropole


Plenary session I – The big picture: what’s the climate challenge to transport?
Faced with a climate emergency, how can ITS and public policy help fight global warming?

The climate challenge: what does “keeping global warming to 2 degrees / 1.5 degrees” mean for transport sector, how can national targets be cascaded down to region/city/organisation/individual level? What is the scale of change needed at each of these sub-national levels?
The ITS and business response: ITS comprise a wide range of tools such as electromobility, connected & automated vehicles, traffic management, public transport, city logistics and Mobility as a Service. How could these be optimised and deployed for maximum impact on CO2 emissions?
The public policy response: countries, regions and cities need to match the scale of the climate challenge with ambitious policies for energy, transport, mobility, economy – and rapidly adopt effective measures to implement them. They need to take the lead in informing and influencing their constituencies so that unpopular measures are accepted.

Frédéric MAZELLA, CEO, Blablacar
Nicolat BEAUMONT, Senior VP Sustainable Development and Mobility, Michelin
Karima DELLI* , European Deputy, European Parliament
Mohamed MEZGHANI, Secretary General, UITP
Jeremie ALMOSNI, Chef du Service Transports et Mobilité de l’ADEME


Executive session I – Public Authorities – what policies & priorities are needed for true sustainability?

Which cities are a model in setting demanding targets for transport emissions? How do they achieve buy-in by citizens and stakeholders?
Electrification can mean zero-carbon vehicles; what are the barriers and success factors for building up an electricity supply and charging point infrastructure? What of hydrogen?
Sustainable Energy (and Climate) Action Plans, Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans: are these tools effective for planning and implementation? Where have they led to lower emissions?
What potential, what requirements for carbon-free active modes, e.g. walking and cycling? How can we steer demand?

Robert HERRMANN, Président de l’Eurométropole,
adjoint à la ville de Strasbourg en charge de la sécurité et du domaine public, Eurométropole de Strasbourg
Nicolas FONTAINE, General Director, Mobility, Bordeaux Métropole
Christoph ERDMENGER,  Head of Department “Sustainable Mobility”, Ministry of Transport Baden-Württemberg
Martin RUSS, Chair of the European Network of ITS Associations
(name to be confirmed)*
, Public Authority, Rennes Métropole

12h30 LUNCH


3 Topic Workshops – parallel sessions

Workshop – Topic 1
Climate goals, measuring and evaluating transport GHG

Nour-Eddin EL FAOUZI
Director, IFSTTAR 

Annela ANGER-KRAAVI, Senior Research Associate, Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership

Workshop – Topic 2
Low-carbon technologies, solutions

, Deputy Director, CEREMA

Sophie VAN VELZEN, Project manager Smart & Green Mobility, City of Helmond

Francois GUICHARD, Mechanical Engineer – Expert ITS, UNECE

Workshop – Topic 3
Reducing network, mode & system emissions

, Traffic Architect C-ITS, MAPtm

Jeroen BROUWER, Senior Consultant mobility & ITS, Sweco Nederland

Sophie GILLAERTS, Project Coordinator Parking Plan and TmaaS, City of Ghent 

15h30 Coffee break


Executive session II – Industry and Research 
Power & limits of ITS/smart mobility solutions

Is the solution 100 % electric vehicles How can we increase take-up ? how create and adequate charging infrastructure ? what future for ( carbon-free) alternative fuels ?
What limits to reducing traffic inefficiencies ? Can demand be managed for sustainability ? Can public transport take up a massive shift from car use ? What potential for shared transport ?
How can we achieve carbon-free logistics, goods transport and deliveries in cities ? For long distance movements ?
Can MaaS Satisfy all mobility demands ? How can MaaS be optimised for zero-carbon emissions ? Who is responsible ?

Raphaël CHERRIER, CEO, Qucit
Bertrand BARTHELEMY, President, Flowbird
Francisco FERREIRA, phD, MSc, Associate Professor, Portugal
Frederic DELAVAL, CEO, Geopost 
Anne de BAGNEUX, Directrice Adjointe France, Transdev
Jaap WRESWIJK, Traffic Architect C-ITS, MAPtm
Eric FRANCERIES, CEO, Gertrude
Pascal BELOT, Hydrogen LCV international key account manager, groupe PSA


Networking cocktail

Round Table : Networks and association

(Cohost), Director, ID4Car

*, Under2 Coalition / TDA

Round Table : Cities and Business

Nicolas BEAUMONT (Cohost)
, Fondateur, WBCSD
Aurélien BELHOCINE, Public affairs, Qucit
Renaud LAGRAVE, Vice Président de la région Nouvelle-Aquitaine, région Nouvelle-aquitaine

19H30 Congress Dinner - Café Maritime

Wednesday 18 September 2019


Executive III. Making it happen, enabling deployment: getting it done

Incentives, funding & finance 
Huge financing will be needed to implement effective ITS for climate measures; how much and where from? How can investment be encouraged, with what incentives?

Policy, legislation
Strong policies are needed, probably legislation – European, national and local. What mix of restriction, enablement and encouragement can be effective? Who should take the lead?

Economics and business models
CO2 has no economic cost or value today; how can we change that? How can carbon-saving be turned to business profit? How can necessary spending for climate mitigation actually benefit the economy? What of carbon budgets?

Changing behaviours
Decisions by businesses and individuals need to favour the low- and zero-carbon choices; what incentives and other measures can lead to the massive changes needed?

Edgar KAMPERS, Founder, QOIN
Elodie de RECY, Senior Banker, European Investment Bank
George GEORGIADIS*, Secretary, Inland Transport Commitee, UNECE Sustainable Transport Division, UNECE
Claire DEPRE*, EC, Head of Unit/Director, DG  MOVE
Annela ANGER, Senior Research Associate, Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership
David CAUBEL, France Mobilités Manager, Ministère de la transition écologique et solidaire
Cécile MAISONNEUVE / Camille COMBE, Présidente, Fabrique de la Cité


Topic Workshops – parallel sessions

Workshop – Topic 4 Decarbonising freight transport & logistics​

, Director, LIST Institute, Université of Northampton

Olivier QUOY, CEO, Atlandes

Workshop – Topic 5
MaaS 4 Climate

Jean-Luc MATE
, President Founder, JLM Conseil

Brylie OXLEY, Senior Developer, MaaS Global

Anna KRAMERS, PhD, Program Director Mistra SAMS, KTH Royal Institute of Technology

Marko JAVORNIK, General Manager Voyego, Comtrade

Laurent CHEVEREAU, Director of studies « Connaissance des offres et services de mobilité », Cerema

Marti JOFRE, CEO, Factual

Piia KARJALEINEN, Senior Manager, Maas Alliance

David LAINE, Transdev MaaS


Workshop – Topic 6 Implementation challenges, enablers, barriers

, Associate Director, Vectos

Francois CUENOT, Secretary of the working Party on Pollution and Energy, Vectos

Caroline BUSQUET, Engineer, Capital High Tech

José VIEGAS, Adviser, EDP

Ozhan YILMAZ, Smart Transport Specialist, EIB

Edgar KAMPERS, CEO, Qoin Fondation

Suzanne HOADLEY, Senior Manager, POLIS



Executive IV. Doing it together

Doing it effectively, doing it together:

Communicating the message
What are the key messages of “ITS for Climate”? Who is the audience? What is the most effective way to inform & influence?

Using networks and alliances
Power in numbers, but which network to join? How effective are associations in powering deployment of sustainable transport? What potential for networks to cooperate, to share knowledge of effective measures against emissions?

Replication: pioneers and followers
Many individual “success stories” but are they well known? How can they be replicated widely? Do we need a new wave of pioneer cities showing how to cut CO2 emissions massively, using all the most effective tools?

Citizen and business engagement
Ultimately, we need total uptake by individuals and businesses, that travel and use or generate mobility demand. How can we generate such a level of engagement? Can we find “champions” to take the lead? Who will start us off…?

Suzanne HOADLEY, Senior Manager, POLIS
Stéphane BARBIER, Chief Business Development Officer, TRANSPOLIS
Marc MORTUREUX, Director, PFA
Sébastien CAPPELLE, Marketing Director-Transportation, Orange Business Service
David HUE, Technical Director, Fareco

15H00 Coffee Break


Plenary session II. Achievements and next steps

One small step for climate, a giant leap needed for the planet

Inspirational keynotes: 
To save our planet and its people, there’s no denying that a huge, “tectonic” change is needed in how we move and transport things…ITS and smart mobility for climate is a good start…and full-scale, total deployment is entirely possible. We just need the will to get going… 
…Let this first congress on ITS4C be the start of a long journey to real sustainability. Let us build the ITS4C toolbox and get it into the hands of all who need it, let’s bring it to the COP process, let’s connect all the networks and associations into a common movement for a shared purpose. Let’s get it done…

Patrick OLIVA, Co-fondateur, Paris Process for Mobility and Climate ( PPMC)
Martial CHEVREUIL, President, ATEC – ITS France
*, Regional Delegation, EDF NA, EDF
Hervé le TREUT, Climatologist, Sciences Politiques



Agnès PASSAULT, Presidente, Digital Aquitaine
, President, TOPOS – Digital Aquitaine 

Electric Tour - Arrival

Thursday 19 September 2019

 Technical visit – discover Local ITS companies

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